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5355 N Dodge Ave
Flagstaff AZ 86004
5355 N Dodge Ave
Flagstaff AZ 86004
Boat Rental

Rental Boat 1Moenkopi Boats are the most fully outfitted boats on the Canyon. We offer a full range of 18' and 16' boats in addition to a variety of smaller craft for play.

Standard Boat Package
Included for 10-18 foot boats:

  • 4 Sawyer Counter Balanced Oars (Oar Rites or Locks)
  • Main frame with floorboard, front/hatch and drop bag, rear frame/hatch and drop bag
  • Stern Floor Board (Beaver Board) & Rear Cover
  • Cooler & Cover
  • 34 cam buckle straps, 3 oar stands, sandstake and mallet
  • Bow & Stern lines
  • Throw Rope & Drag Bag
  • NPS Throw Cushion & Repair Kit
  • Hi Volume Pump & Bailing Bucket

Rental Boat 1Rental Prices:
18' Boat Package - $50/Day
16' Boat Package - $47/Day
14' Boat Package - $45/Day
10' Boat Package - $35/Day
*Please contact us for information regarding prices for boats without the full package*

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