Door To Door
Outfitting Services

As the name points out our "Door to Door" Grand Canyon River Rental involves everything under the sun. One only need to get to Flagstaff or Lee's with the clothes and toiletries on their back and the rest is included in the price. Free dry bags for everyone, 50 cal personal ammo can, kitchen shade, two-seater inflatable kayak(ducky), lanterns, firewood, sand stakes, and more straps than can be used, etc. It's the only way to go. (QUOTE) (Get an Estimate)
Also check out our Riverhouse option to save more money on lodging in Flagstaff!

Click image to see larger photoBoats for the Door to Door
Moenkopi Riverworks only provides the best boats on the market. Avon has long been the leader of Hypalon boats worldwide for both Ocean and Whitewater. Hypalon is rubber and easy to repair. Just ask any river runner professional what they think of Avon.

In addition to the Avon boats, we also carry Sotar and Maravia made in the USA. Being conscious of all our purchases, we are happy to report that we have found that Sotar and Maravia Boats to be American Made (less footprint on our world) and to be the BEST in their Industry. **

Click image to see larger photoLooking at the picture on the left, one can see that we have paid particular attention to providing our clients with the best boats on the Colorado River. From the Sawyer counterbalanced oars (, to the professional aluminum frames used by all the commercial companies on the water, to our special personal sewn items like the rear stern cover and chair bag, there is no doubt your boats will be the best and safest boats in the Grand!

If you have never been on a Grand Canyon Rivertrip you will probably be blown away at how well you will eat. Because your boats are basically floating 18 wheelers you can bring just about anything your heart desires, so you will eat well! And why not? You deserve it?

Click image to see larger photoMoenkopi Riverworks is a small company that has invested in a giant freezer to freeze our coolers providing our clients with fresher food longer. When our groups lock in their estimate 6 months out with a 10% deposit they save 10% on their bill. We prefer our clients get their menu finished 2 months prior to their trip, so we can make sure that you will have ice on day 16-20, and steaks on your last night if you like? How can we do that? Our meat is custom cut by the best butcher in town, vacuum packed by one man, and frozen one time ensuring the utmost of quality and safety. When we receive your meat, we go to work freezing your meat into it's custom frozen MEAT cooler. By doing this not only will it ensure your meat is easy to find in it's layers but also freshly frozen for the future. This provides our clients with a great value, in that their quality choice is fresh on day 19. Why don't other outfitters use this technique? It is very time consuming, takes a great deal of organization, and cost more. We think our clients are worth it.

In addition to providing your trip with the best ice we also do any amount of customization one can want. If there's something special you would like just let us know?

Always pushing the limits, Moenkopi Riverworks has partnered with a local caterer in town to bring you fresh, custom, premade dinners that are lightning fast and easy to prepare.(Every food quote includes 3 pre-made meals) If you would like to have most of your trip custom catered with pre-made dinners, try (BRADY'S EZ MENU). 10 Premade dinners(3 premade dinners included + 5$/person/dinner) and 6 grill nights or other meals and your trip will only pay $35/person more for the quickest precooked cuisine on the river!

***Every original food quote includes 3 pre-made menu items at no extra cost

Click image to see larger photoSHUTTLES
The 16 person shuttle:
For our 16 person groups we have large spacious vans. All of our comfortable and spacious vans are driven by a professionally trained and CDL certified Van driver. This ensures that during the shuttle portion of your trip, your group will be safe and comfortable.

The Gear Shuttle:
For our gear shuttle we use low mileage Ford F550 with a 24 foot trailer giving us 36 feet of cargo space. With 5 more seats available to our clients in the F550 one can really stretch out if they want. If the boatmen want to leave early and get up to the Ferry on Rig day in the morning? No problem. The other advantage to the stake bed and trailer setup is the ability to load a trip from all sides? This helps make rigging and derigging faster. Off the boat and into the truck 1 time?

***If your group is primarily coming from the West or North West inquire about our Pearce Ferry to Lee's Shuttle. Depending on the amount of gear you bring, we can pick you up at Pierce Ferry(Rigging your boats for you while you are in route) and take you to Lee's Ferry. When you finish your trip at Pierce your car will be awaiting you.

Lodging at The Riverhouse
Many of our groups start/finish from Flagstaff. For all of our clients we make available The RiverHouse for $250/night if they would like. The Riverhouse is a giant house decked out with GC Videos, GC Pictures, beds for 16, washer and dryer, kitchen for 16, and an easy bus line right outside that can take our clients anywhere in the city for 2$/person all day long. If anyone is flying in? Let us know and we will personally pick you up. If anyone is taking the from the PHX airport they can call us for a ride or simply jump on the bus at the trainstation/transfer station, ride route 4 (THE RIVERHOUSE ROUTE?) and get off at stop 11 right in from of the Riverhouse. Every half hour the bus returns to the riverhouse. :28 :58 on the hour. With a city that plans itself around Moenkopi Riverworks, you know you are in good hands?