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Evolving over time, the Moe Rig is designed to balance payload, comfort, and agility. The whitewater raft has come a long way since Amos Burg brought the first one down in the 1930s – we think Darwin would be proud.

With an up-to-date fleet and meticulous maintenance, you can spend more time enjoying and exploring the narrows at Matkat, and less time worrying about whether that D-ring will hold while you're gone!

Our Rig

Explore our interactive boat in more detail. You'll find there's plenty of room for it all.

Our Fleet

From 10' to 18', you'll find we have plenty of options to choose from.


You've got questions?

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 Explore The 18' Moe Rig

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*** Not all items pictured are included in an "à la carte" oar rig rental. Included here for reference. ***


Our Fleet

* All prices are per day, with a 5-day minimum *
Not all items pictured are included in listed price.
Included here for reference.
18ft Rig.jpg
18' Oar Rig
$53 / Day
16ft Rig.jpg
16' Oar Rig
$48 / Day
14ft Rig.jpg
14' Oar Rig
$45 / Day
18ft Cat.jpg
18' Cataraft
$48 / Day
AZRA with Cooler.jpg
18.5' OAR RIG  "The AzRA"
$61 / Day (includes extra frame + cooler)
Mini with Frame.jpg
10.5' Oar Rig
$35 / Day

Oar Rigs

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Paddle Boats

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14 Paddleraft.jpg
hyside mini max.jpg
14' Paddle Boat
$32 / Day
10.5' Paddle Boat
$30 / Day

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of boats do you offer?

We offer NRS and Sotar rafts. Both brands are great, it is simply a matter of personal preference. If you have a preference, please request it when you contact us, and we will do all we can to accommodate. We carry 18', 16', 14', and 10' rafts.

How are your boats set up?

Through years of experience and experimentation, we have come up with a very simple, user-friendly setup. The oar boats come fully rigged, are easy to use, and have an ideal amount of gear hauling capacity.

What comes with an oar boat rental?

Our oar boat rentals are a complete package. Each MOE rig includes the following: raft, main frame with floorboard, front drop bag, rear frame with drop bag, cooler, hatch, stern board & cover, chair bag, four oars, your choice of rowing setup (oarlocks or rites), 34 cam straps, bowline, stern line, sand stake, throw rope, drag bag, low-volume pump, bailing bucket, NPS throw cushion & repair kit.

What happens if I damage the boat?

We do require a $200 deposit for each boat rental. This deposit is simply returned to you after your trip pending a post-trip check in. If there happens to be any damage or items missing, we simply deduct our repair costs / replacement costs from the damage deposit. We work to be as fair as possible and only charge direct replacement costs.