Food Pack

With any multi-day expedition, the food can be the most difficult and time consuming aspect. It's a lot to take on for any one person, and generally requires a bit of experience. With the Moe food pack, this process can be as easy as:

  1.  Pick one of our menus or build your own

  2.  Paint us a basic picture of your preferences

  3.  Leave the rest to us!

Being the trip of a lifetime, the last thing you need to worry about is the quality of your food.  Our local vendors pride themselves on offering only the finest, and our team's attention to detail will allow your group to enjoy the river, not worry about the logistics.

Why Moe Food?

Our quality ingredients, buy-local focus, and attention to detail ensures quality menus every trip.

Our Menus

Our tried-n-true menus make planning easy, or build your own from our library of options.

Menu Planning

Planning your groups' menu doesn't need to be complicated. Let us guide you through it!


Very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful outfitter! Answered any and all questions, helped us get set up for the trip of a lifetime and packed us amazing meals. Would definitely go with Moenkopi again (as I one day hope to do!) Thanks Moenkopi!

~ Stephanie, November 2016

Why Moe Food?

Local Vendors

Our long-standing relationships with our local vendors is a source of pride for us.  The "Buy Local" and Sustainability in Food movements are recent train, and we're 'All-Aboard!"  Even though this guy has a cigarette in his mouth, he probably still sells some damn good produce!


Explore Our Menu Options

Pre-Set Menus

Our tried and true menus have proved themselves to withstand the rigors of a Grand trip.  We consistently update and revise our menu options based on the feedback of guests, continually striving to ensure we have a menu that fits the needs of your group.  Use one as is, or feel free to use as a starting point, and switch / substitute meals as needed.  All of our menus are $24 / person / day, with a Menu Planning / Packing fee of $4 / person / day.

Chicken Shish Kebab
Generals Menu
16 Days
Our tried-n-true, classic river menu
Chicken Shish Kebab
Generals Menu
21 Days
Our tried-n-true, classic river menu - the extended version
Hearty Winter Menu
25 Days
The float-n-bloat
Light Summer Menu
16 Days
A great option during the summer for light eaters
Light Summer Menu
18 Days
A light option for that summer trip down to Pearce
Green Salad
Vegetarian Menu
20 Days
Not a carnivore? No problem
Meat Tacos
Quick Prep Menu
16 Days
Less time in the kitchen means more time relaxing
Meat Tacos
Quick Prep Menu
25 Days
Less time in the kitchen means more time relaxing


Build Your Own Menu

Our goal is to make sure your cuisine is exactly how you like it.  With hundreds of meal options to choose from, you can either use one of our sample menus above and substitute in any meal we offer, or design your own menu from scratch from any of our meal options.  If planning a menu for dietary restrictions, this is a great option, as you can design a menu to accommodate these needs (or see our Supplemental Boxes below)


Add on an option to include in your menu, such as our Cajun Boil Dinner for Rig Day, or a Gluten-Free or Dairy-Free Box

cajun pile.jpg
Rig Day Cajun Boil
A classic dinner to start the trip, that's sure to break the ice
$350 (flat rate)
Gluten Free
Gluten Free Box
A supplementary box of gluten-free substitutes (for 1-2 people) that can compliment any menu
$150 (flat rate)
almond milk.jpg
Dairy Free Box
A supplementary box of dairy-free substitutes (for 1-2 people) that can compliment any menu
$150 (flat rate)
Gluten Free
Gluten Free Menu
20 Days
A great option for a  trip with multiple Celiacs

The Menu Planning Process

The task of putting together a group menu can appear daunting at first.  Lean on Moe to help make this process smooth & easy.  With more option than there are side canyons on the river, you'll find something for everyone.


Poll the Group

Start with figuring out your groups dietary needs and culinary desires (that's a mouthful!).  Feel free to use our Individual Preferences Form if it makes things easier


Complete Group Preference Form

This compiled info will give us a better idea of your preferences and needs, and will give you a great place to start to pick a menu that will work for your group.  Send this finalized form to us (, and decide which menu will work best for your group: a tried 'n' true menu or a build-your-own.


Option 1: Choose a Tried 'n' True Menu

Take a pick from one of our menus that best fits your needs.


Option 2: Build Your Own Menu

Choose from our hundreds of meal options out of our Complete Menu Library, and plug them in to our blank menu template to create your ideal menu.  A great option if you have trip members who have dietary restrictions, allergies or preferences, as you can choose meals that suit their needs. (guidelines apply)


Add Supplementals if Needed

Add either our Rig Day Cajun Boil or a Dietary Box. With dietary restrictions and allergies becoming more common these days, we've decided to give the option of simply adding a supplementary box to your package to accommodate these needs.   A great option if you don't want to build your own menu around a dietary restriction, or incur custom menu charges ($600 base charge + additional food purchased).  These boxes are enough for 1-2 people (depending on your appetite), and include a range of substitutes that can be used throughout your trip at your discretion.



Finalize Your Menu

With your culinary dreams finally down on paper, get your menu approved & finalized with Richard, our Food Manager (, 60 days prior to your trip.  Once finalized, we'll begin purchasing your orders from our local vendors, and make that dream reality.   


Frequently Asked Questions

Will Moenkopi offer just a foodpack for our group and nothing else?

Historically, these have been the most difficult requests to fulfill. In order for us to provide a foodpack, we need at least 2 rafts rented from us. We will also need to discuss and confirm that you have enough storage capacity for what you order.

Can you accommodate specific dietary restrictions?

Absolutely.  We are set up to accommodate a wide variety of dietary restrictions, and can work with you on your specific needs. (Learn more)

Is your food packed day by day, or "pantry" style?

Throughout many years of experimentation, we have come up with a system that is simple, user friendly, and flexible. Your dry goods for each day will be packed into 20mm rocket boxes, which will then become your trash receptacle each day. Your coolers will be sorted and packed into meat, dairy and produce. Bread, chips, and other bulky goods will be packed into the captain's boxes.